The Lucrativeness of the Video Gaming Industry

The history of the video game dates back to the 1950s – when academics first started to design some very simple games and artificial intelligence programs as part of their computer science research.

History of Video Games

Video games did not achieve the level of popularity that they have today until around the 1970s and 1980s when arcade video games and gaming consoles were first introduced to the public eye.
Pong Pong was in fact the very first arcade video that won widespread success and this was later followed by the first violent video game; Gun fight that gave the public its first digitized taste for goriness, and physical violence.
However, the golden age of video games incidentally began around 1978 and lasted until 1986, when a renown video game; Space Invaders started to flood the video game industry and  video games started to begin something of a past time, as arcade machines started to grow more common in places such as shopping malls and restaurants.

The Video Gaming Industry in 2014

In 2014, at this time, the video gaming industry has now grown to such a level that it is now well placed amongst the most dominant and most lucrative of all entertainment industries. The video gaming industry generates about $180 billion at this point in time; it has exploded in the kind of popularity that it has. The average age of the common video gamer in the US is somewhere around 34 with roughly some two-fifths of those gamers being women, which clearly defies the stereotype that only men are addicted to video games.

The key players within the industry would be ones such as Been Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.
Last NW, and the Xbox One console would be further examples of popular video games. Recently however, despite the increase in the number of video games being sold, with over 14 million games being sold of Grand Theft Auto V in fact, many observers of the video game industry have still noted that new game consoles from Play station and Microsoft will be at a loss as has been the case in the past.
Game consoles have actually resulted in a loss for manufacturers, as opposed to other kinds of video games, because they have subsided the cost.

Sony is incidentally reported to have lost around $260 on each Play station 3 console that it sold which has then resulted in a loss of $1.2 billion. The good news however is that the video gaming industry is one that thrives on innovation and the chances of a video game rising in popularity increase if the video game is one that works on current trends; GTA for instance goes on the current theme of adventure and grittiness that is common in movies and hence is popular with its players.

To conclude however, despite its oft rise and fall, it cannot be denied that the video gaming industry is one that has definitely moved beyond its primitive form of ‘Tennis for Two’ and similar simple technological features.

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