Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of define the ways in which personal information related to a user will be captured, maintained and transferred in case required. These rules will be applied to every section of the website and shall be followed with respect to every content.

Website will require following types of data about users:

Personal Identification Information
This information will be collected automatically when the user will be invited to the website, comment will be made ,form to register with the website will be filled as well as log in details are entered. Typically, personal detail that every website requires from the user is complete name, email address, location and contact number. Everybody is careful in sharing the very personal and tempting to be information causing disruption.

General or Non-Personal details
When accessing the data on our website as per the system compatibility requirement our website may ask some questions like computer program, Brower name, reference to other link where our website was being approached. This information is general, harmless and easy to be collected without the risk of privacy issue.

How do we use information regarding users?

Data collected and stored by is used to:
1. Improve customer service and make smart and efficient response to customers.
2. Understand and make future addition by knowing how user will experience our website as a group and community.
3. to collect feedback from user and make survey as how far we are successful in fulfilling consumer`s needs of knowledge and research through our articles.
4. Keep user up to date through email regarding development and additions in our website, to response their requests and concerns on individual basis. Allowing full empowerment to user to continue or stop receiving our email by adding “unsubscribe” option.

How we keep integrity of users Data?
We will adopt proper measure and ensure protection to data integrity of our users. Security measures will be applied to protect against unauthorized access, Transfer, Deletion and Destruction of personal data about users like email, password, security question etc.
We will strictly not share the personal data of users for selling , trading and advertisement purposes .For promotion purposes an aggregate demographic data not having any personal information of users can be share with our related parties only like our trusted affiliates, business partners, trusted affiliates and advertisers as well as advertisers only.

Changes to this privacy policy can change the privacy policy when logically required keeping in mind all ethical and legal points. This change will properly be informed to users by posting notification on website main page, revising the date changed date at the bottom of website page and informing you through email as well. We shall admire that users should keep a regular review to know about the changes. User should acknowledge and agree their liability to review our privacy policy from time to time and become attentive to modify.

Your acceptance of these terms
We shall be happy when you will signify acceptance of our policy. If someone is not agreed to our policy, please pardon us from using our website. We will consider you continued visit and use of our website after announcement of changes, as an acceptance to these changes.
Be secure and smiling ever.

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