Who Will Get World Bank Internship 2014?Who Will Get World Bank Internship 2014?

The World Bank is continually looking for most talents and brightest interns around the world. The hire intern staff works with civil society group, private and government sector and in developing countries. It is really worthwhile to build your career with World Bank which is the most leading organization of the world.

World Bank provides opportunity to youngsters who want to explore that why and how economic issues affect the lives of the people in the world. This opportunity offers to study and to do work to gain the experience. Internship program is specially availed by fresh graduates to show their skills and to learn. Moreover, this opportunity gives an experience of working in an international environment with experts.

The internship opportunity is offered to:

–  Work with international experts of organization of international development
–  Meet with professionals over 50 countries
–  Develop the understanding of finance
–  To probe the issues of finance thoroughly

Interns are hired for minimum period of four week in the months of May to September. Inters work on discrete projects. Hired interns work in DC, Washington or any IFC’s county. Summer internship program of World Bank is very competitive; the organization receives more than 1500 application yearly. World Bank allows 30 to 40 candidates to work with them. Successful interns are encouraged and may be hired for full-time opportunity.

The bank looks for the candidates from the field of finance, social science, economics, agriculture, human resource development, environment and some other field. A candidate who is interested to apply for the internship of World Bank must fulfill the following Criteria.

–   A candidate must be enrolled in MS of PhD program.

–    Candidate must be involved in in a field of academic study that is related to ADB’s work.

–   Candidate must have nationality of any country that is having membership of ADB’s.

–    Candidate must have an excellent command of English.

–    Candidate must have experience that is similar with assignment.

Interns are paid hourly salary by the bank and candidates are paid for traveling expenses as well. Living accommodation of the interns is not the responsibility of the bank. Banks announces mostly positions in DC and Washington. Candidates are hired for minimum duration of four weeks.

Internship is announced in summer and winter. The summer program is announced every year on 1 December- 21 January, and winter program is announced on 1 September- 31 October yearly. For more interesting fruitful and informative articles keep this site in your favorite bookmark.