Education in Canada—School System and Higher School DiplomaEducation in Canada—School System and Higher School Diploma

Education in Canada is provided by the funding of federal and provincial government and it is divided into primary education. Primary education includes secondary and post-secondary education. Education ministers of the province make educational program and are implanting in district schools. Education is made as a compulsory element in every province of Canada up to the age of 16 years, and for higher school diploma the compulsory age is 18 years. Canadian schools remain open for 190 days in the year which officially started in September and end in July.

School System In Canada

It is a primary responsibility of the parents to give good education to their children. In Canada provincial government give assistance to the parents for educating their children. There is no national education system neither any kind of education department system is made in Canada, instead of that each province has its own education system. Education system varies among all provinces and territories.
In Canada, some provinces have only one ministry of education or department of education, while some others have two. The provinces which have two educational departments; the one is responsible for post-secondary education and second one is responsible for secondary and elementary education in the province. The departments or ministries of education are the main medium to get government information on all relevant issues of education.

High School Diploma In Canada

A high school diploma is granted when students successfully complete course of four years. The course is done at high school from grade 9 to grade 12. The requirements vary according to the provincial government or local state to get a higher school diploma. Generally a high school diploma involves combination of different selected coursework fulfilling the criteria of acceptable passing grades.

High school diplomas in specific jurisdictions

  • British Columbia

A high school diploma is known as British Columbia Certificate of Graduation in British Columbia. The provincial educational ministry is known as Dogwood, but it not the official name for provincial ministry of education. Dogwood is also not set in provincial state regulations.
The current requirement of Dogwood were place in 2004, which includes that minimum 80 credits must be earned to graduate. 80 credits are further divided for the ease of students; student must earn 48 credits in his required course, and 28 credits in elective courses. Required courses are, social studies, science courses, language arts, and some other with grades 10 to 12. Student selection is made on basis of standardized provincial examinations.

  • Ontario

A high school diploma is known as Ontario Secondary School Diploma in Ontario. Students are awarded the Ontario Secondary School diploma when they are completed education curriculum of Ontario (Ontario Educational Curriculum). The requirement for Ontario diploma are to earn the compulsory credits in required courses which are mathematics, Canadian History, French, Science, Arts, Canadian geography, health and physical education.